How to Build a Green House

How to Build a Green House

The dream of many gardeners is having their own greenhouse. Walking through a garden filled with vegetables, herbs, and beautiful plants that are protected from elements and roving destruction animals and insects is indeed very nice. Building your own greenhouse is not a difficult task and it is an attractive project to execute.

Firstly, you need a room with a decent size of at least, 10 by 20 meters. However, you can opt for a larger one if need be. DIY greenhouse kit is available but the limitations are somewhat restrictive.

Materials needed:

  1. Wooden poles to build frames and doors for each of its ends and if you have a large greenhouse you will need more to prop the roof up. A solid end structure and centre are necessary for a strong construction. Treat the wood to prevent it from getting damp and you wouldn’t want that.
  2. Get clear plastic of about 6mm that is enough to cover the whole area of your greenhouse. Getting more than enough is okay as they can be used for replacement as time goes on.
  3. Sufficient PVC piping to establish a structure for the greenhouse: It will be erected like a rib cage that curves from the ground on one side to the other.
  4. Metal stakes: This is hammered into the ground and serves as a strong anchor for your PVC
  5. Duct tape: this is a very important part of every handyman’s kit. A little bit of this is needed to join pieces together.
  6. Nails, hammer, and so on

Although you may need a few other bits and bobs, this is the major structure of your greenhouse. The wood is used to construct the doors and ends of the greenhouse. You should ensure that they are properly propped up by hammering them deep into the ground.

After this, hammer the metal stakes into the ground at a regular interval between the frames and keep them at about 2 meters apart. The metal stakes must be lined on both sides.

After positioning the metal stapes, slot the PVC piping onto the metal stakes and give a very strong structure to the PVC at the bottom so that it can hold up the roof. Next, bend the PVC piping until it is curved and assume a U-shape over the top of the proposed location of the greenhouse and insert the metal stake at the other side.

To make it easier, you may need to cut the PVC into smaller parts and use small PVC flexible joiners. You can purchase this from any store or garden supplier.

At this stage, you should have a very sturdy frame for it. You will now need to erect the plastic cover over the greenhouse. This process is tricky and you need to apply some skills. You may cut the lengths to fit in but better still, make use of your duct tape to make an appropriate measurement. This will assist you in making a cover for the entire structure and maintain its position with more duct tape or by plastic ties. Ensure that the cover is attached to each piece of the structure to prevent its movement. Also, do not forget to cut a door in the cover as well.

Make use of large heavy rocks or good duct taping to hold the cover in place. Tent pegs can as well be used to tie the cover to the ground, depending on the one that works best for you.

After this, you can now build your own custom and also bring in every extra you need for your greenhouse nursery.

Should you need any assistance with your greenhouse, contact Garden Supplier today as we are ready to help.

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