Deposit – Patio Awnings Installation Fee

You can deposit the funds here and we will release the payment to the installers once the install is done and you are satisfied.

Please note:
In order to schedule the installation, the payment for installation must be made.
An installation date will be provided once the payment is received.

You have to send us a confirmation message after the installation to release your fund to the installer company.

Price includes:

  • Labour work
  • Epoxy Resin (enough for a single awning installation)
  • Additional Screws / Bolts / Nuts / Washers if required
  • Threaded Rod and cutting If Needed
  • Custom Adjustment / Levelling Service / remote connecting and 
  • Certification of Installation
  • Basic Electric work

Price does NOT includes:

  • Removal/disposal of any item on the install placeholder
  • Advanced Electric work
  • Moving any object to ensure the reachability of the install placeholder

Please note that price is valid for the awnings ordered from Intelroll Global and only before the delivery date.
Otherwise, adjusted charge will be applied for travel and call out depends on your location.
The price includes a basic cleaning after the installation, but it does not cover a thorough cleaning of the installation area.
Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the installation area is fully cleaned if necessary.
An additional callout or adjustment after the installation date will incur an extra cost of £90.
Typically, our third party installers charge £50 to remove your existing awning.
Please note these fees do not include removal/disposal of Victorian style awnings or dutch canopies and are subject to an awning installation being carried out at the same property at the same time.
Please  also be advised that during the installation process of awnings, it is essential for the customer to ensure that the front placeholder of the awning is available for installation before the scheduled appointment with the installer.
Failure to do so will result in a rescheduling fee of £75. /
Installation of lights/heaters / Supply of extra cabling (if the nearest socket is more than 0.8 metres from the left-hand side of the awning) / Additional special awning brackets If needed. Installation doesn’t include the electrician work. 

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