Are the awnings waterproof ?

The short answer is: not. All the awning's fabrics are designed to give you some shades against the sun shine, however, our fabrics do have some water resistance against mild rains. More informations are in the descriptions.

How to connect the Wind Sun Rain Sensor to the Awnings

Your installer can set it up for your easily during the awnings installation. However, If you received the sensor separated, just open the remote controller's back flip, press the P2 button two times quickly. (top of the left hand corner)
Then, make sure your wind sensor is turned ON and press the P2 button once on the sensor. If it was successfully you will see a little WiFi icon on the sensor blinking.

Does the electric motorised awnings has manual crank as well ?

Yes, we do provide you with detachable manual crank for all our electric awnings in case there is a power surge. Please note that If you manually crank the awnings you have to adjust the minimum and maximum projection again with Allen Key provided. More information on the manual guide on our website. 

Is it possible to install the awnings on a holo brick wall ?

Yes it is possible, however our certified installers can take a free of charge survey on the wall quality and they may able to suggest some extra safety tools for the wall before they install it. Also, If you ordered your awnings with installation service from us and some reason we are unable to install the awnings we will delivery the awnings back to our store and you will receive full refund. No extra charge for return delivery or survey.

What is your delivery and installation lead time.

All our awnings are stored in a UK based warehouse. Actual warehouse location can be found in bottom of this page. Delivery takes between 1 - 5 days only, depends on the drivers availability and schedules. For your convenient, our aim is to delivery the awnings and the very same time as your installers arrive to the premises. In that case drivers will hand the awnings over to the installer for pre-check before they start the installation process. Regular Installation Process takes 3-5 hours.

What are the dimesions of the bracket for the full cassette awnings?

The main plate size is 15cm X 15cm. 


What is the largest Wind Speed where I can still use your awnings

Please always read the description on each type of awnings. 

These awnings are designed for withstanding 5-7 depresses wind rates, but that does assume a steady wind and not a buffeting irregular wind which can be far more dangerous. Besides, the wind direction is also important factor, such as, if the wind blow from down to up, it is very dangerous for an awning.

Awnings are generally tested for reliability in Intelroll Global's labs at wind speeds between 20 and 25 mph (32km/h - 40km/h) It does not account for winds that beat on awnings steadily for hours, nor irregular gusts which are sometimes more damaging compared to long yet steady wind speeds.

20 to 25 mph equal to (32-40 km/h). Any more than this, and the awning will become vulnerable to damages, no matter how sturdy a material your awning is made of. If there are winds stronger than this, then it is recommended that the awnings be rolled up.
No one knows how the wind is blowing.

Troubleshooting - Electric awning is stopping at the middle

It happens If the engine overheated, but there is no need to worry, this is a self defence mechanism. It will run again in 30 minutes later If you unplug the awnings. This is also the way If you need to reset the awnings, unplug it and wait 30 minutes. Please make sure If your electric awnings has been manually cranked you have to adjust the minimum and maximum projection points again. Overheating happens If the awning's minimum retracted point is in negative. You can recognise it If you completely close (retracted) your awnings and the engine "burying" noise doesn't stop immediately. If you still can hear some engine noise once the awnings closed you have to manually adjust the retracting points. 

Retracting point setting for full cassette Awnings INtelroll