INT500 Premium Acrylic Fabric – Full Cassette Modern Garden Patio Awnings | Retractable Electric Remote Control | LED Lights | Wind Sun Rain Sensors | Colour White Frame Cream Fabric 320gsm | UV+

£1,250.00£2,650.00 inc. VAT


  • Motorised + Remote Control + BRIGHT LED
  • Wireless WIND SUN and RAIN Sensor
  • Full-cassette closure (protects fabric & components when not in use)
  • Upgraded Version: Front bar with water drainage slot
  • Water Resistant (17L/m2) frame and fabric with improved wind resistance (85N/m2) in every angle.

Installation and Fitting Service available at your area at the same time as your delivery.
( Average Price: Full Cassette Awnings: £250.- | Half Cassette / No Cassette Awnings: £190.- )

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