Factory Moments


Ms Monika Polacsek & Mr Bela Kovacs - Intelroll

Ms Monika Polacsek
C.E.O. & Co-Founder

Knowledge and Experience.

Monika came from a second generation of Window Blinds and Shutters family. Her demand of quality-work is always exceed the 110%. She has an excellent ability to find market demand before anyone else according to window blinds or shutters.

Mr Bela Kovacs & Ms Monika Polacsek - Intelroll

Mr Bela Kovacs
Project Manager & Co-Founder

Technology and Project.

Bela is our “IT- and Marketing guy” with his unique marketing strategies. He is graduated as IT Project Manager in Oxford.
Skilled in Automatisation, Artifical Intelligence / Robotics / Information Technology and Modern WebDesign.
Also, he was co-founder of the Quantina Intelligence Research Lab.
Clients said: “He always reached the target with plan A, B, or C… no matter what”